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Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentistry in St. Louis

Childrens Dentistry St. LouisGood oral hygiene and overall health starts in childhood. Additionally many adults with dental fear and anxiety issues stem from their experiences as children. (Talk a little about the child experience) It is important to begin to familiarize children to dental care as early in life as possible. As we can all agree the mouth is an intimate area that is not fun to have worked on. By bringing your child to the dentist by one year of age or their first baby tooth we can begin to establish a relationship with the child and make them more comfortable receiving treatment throughout life. It is also important to remember that children’s baby teeth have nerves and are susceptible to infection and pain just like an adult’s. The only difference is the child may not be adequately able to convey that something is wrong until there is a major problem. With regular dental visits for children we can stay on top of their oral health and educate parents on how to maintain as well as establish habits that will last a lifetime.

We offer full scope of children’s dental services including

  • Extractions
  • Cleanings
  • Orthodontic referral
  • Children’s crowns and nerve treatment for painful tooth aches

If your child already has a fear of the dentist, we can complete many procedures with the help of nitrous oxide and well placed local anesthetic. We work to “get to know” each child and their comfort. If we believe that a child will be better served by a specialist we have an extensive list of pediatric specialists that we refer to.

How old should my child be before his/her first visit?

We recommend the earlier of 12 months or when the first tooth comes in. On your child’s first visit, we will perform a Knee-Lap examination (Insert picture). This places your child in a comfortable position and breeds a level of familiarity at a young age with having a stranger’s hand in his/her mouth.

Is it ok for my child to have a bottle in bed at night time?

Yes, so long as your child is old enough to drink water from the bottle. Water is the ONLY beverage you should allow your child to drink at nap or bedtime.