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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns In St. Louis, MO

Dental Crowns St. LouisDamaged teeth both reduce the form and function of your teeth and mouth. Crowns are an excellent option when recreating that form and function, because a crown basically replaces the entire external portion of the tooth down to the gum level. Additionally crowns can be designed to create an even better aesthetic appearance than the damaged tooth did.

Otherwise known as castings or caps, esthetic porcelain or zirconium restoration serve to bind a tooth and prevent further fracture. At Chilcutt & Steuterman, we use the latest materials which result in superior esthetics and long term service.

What is the right application for a crown? Typically we recommend a crown when there is not enough tooth surface for a filling, where a tooth needs to be re-shaped, where a significant portion of a tooth has been lost to decay or injury, in areas of heavy occlusion, or where teeth have been ground down due to individual teeth grinding.

Are crowns made on site or in a dental laboratory? All of our crowns are made in a state of the art facility here in St. Louis. We do not ship our work overseas and only utilize the highest quality materials. This means that not only will there be a quick turnaround for your case, but it will be made to last. Temporary crowns? All temporary crowns are hand fabricated on premises at the time of the procedure and are customized to each patient.

At Chilcutt & Steuterman, we believe in supporting local businesses who perform superior workmanship. Unlike many dental practices who utilize companies in foreign countries, we engage the services of a lab in Fenton, MO for manufacturing all permanent crowns. This ensures consistent quality control and faster turnaround times. Should an issue arise, they are just down the road. For your temporary crowns, we will make those on site in our office.