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Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile for you.

Teeth Whitening St. LouisA dazzling white smile appeals to anyone who sees it. Additionally, studies have shown individuals with ultra-white teeth have considerably more confidence than those with stained teeth. Unfortunately the things we eat and drink impact the color of our teeth. Tobacco use is another culprit of teeth stains. And, unfortunately Dr.’s Chilcutt & Steuterman cannot keep you “29 and holding”. With age comes natural yellowing of our teeth. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it….

Over-the-counter products can/do work, but the fastest and longest lasting whiteners can only be found at your dentist. Additionally, whitening tooth pastes only use abrasives to remove surface stains, so they don’t truly whiten at all.

We offer both in-office and at-home whitening solutions. Each is simple to do and has dramatic effects for appearance. Either solution is cost-effective. We often are asked about the duration between treatments. Unfortunately, the time frame is tough to quantify because it largely depends on patient habits. For example, if the patient is a heavy coffee, tea, wine drinker it will be shorter time. A person who is largely free of staining foods may get years. The nice thing though is the system can be re-done at any time and does not result in damage when done properly. Both systems include the use of specialized peroxide to remove stains in and on teeth. Unlike whitening tooth pastes, the peroxide penetrates below the enamel of the tooth to improve the brightness of your smile, but to keep that shine lasting for a much longer duration.

Many people ask, is whitening harmful to my teeth and gums?

Tooth whitening systems depend on a specialized hydrogen peroxide gel to penetrate the tooth and remove stains (think oxy clean for your teeth). This peroxide solution can be irritating to your gums and that is why the delivery mechanism is very important. We fabricate custom trays fit only to your mouth that deliver the necessary peroxide solution only to the teeth and spare the gums. When used as prescribed tooth whitening presents an effective method to quickly improve esthetics with no damage to teeth and gums.

Lastly, specialized post-root canal whitening can also be completed. Root death can cause darkening of the teeth. During the root canal procedure, through internal bleaching we can preserve or restore the white color from the inside-out.